ART (Advanced Research Technology) is small enough to be responsive, flexible and customer driven, yet large enough to be a partner with your organization in turnkey projects from energy conservation feasibility study to complete system implementation and proof of energy savings.


¨         Have you exhausted all design options looking for the best energy system to fit your application?

¨         Have you verified that your energy system is operating as efficiently as it was designed?

¨         Is the energy system providing the savings you expected?

¨         Could the current sequence of operation be reducing equipment life?


Should not you ask yourself these questions before and after investing so much capital and time into the design and installation of new equipment?


Increased complexity in energy-related business and sweeping changes generated by utilities deregulation stimulate energy end-users to explore new opportunities that significantly reduce their operating costs.


To beneficially address these challenges, a new non-traditional approach must be used to develop a comprehensive fuel strategy plan. This could be done by investigating into rational uses of gas, electric and other energy resources. A non-traditional approach demands stronger skills and knowledge and expertise in response to increased competition in the energy market, compared to what was traditionally provided in the past by an engineering consultant. These new opportunities require a combination of scientific, research and engineering skills to thoroughly analyze your energy needs. We have the qualifications and skills that can help you obtain right answers and to advance your business by selecting a superior energy system and control strategy for your facility or plant.


We will compose a fuel strategy plan for your facility tailored individually to your system’s daily, weekly, seasonal and annual energy consumption patterns.


All this is of great importance for such intensive energy users as industrial plants, hospitals, universities and commercial complexes.


ART has strong expertise and knowledge in following fields:


¨         Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 

¨         District Heating and District Cooling

¨         Boilers and Process Heating

¨         Chillers and Process Cooling

¨         Industrial Thermal Processes and Energy Recovery Systems

¨         Compressed Air Systems Cogeneration.

Think Energy Conservation!

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